His Thoughts by Sheila Hall

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The Road to Dibden by Sheila Hall

My thoughts are still my own
but if he only knew…

Dark and crowded hallways,
room after room,
bodies sweating and straining.
Every desire possible;
you need only imagine it.
Just reach out and take it.

I have taken.

Tall and broad,
short and long,
soft skin and calloused hands,
fair and dark,
all together and one by one.

I have tasted.

Champagne and strawberries
dipped into the woman before me,
whiskey drenched and waiting
as tongues clean and savor my skin.
Salty ambrosia gifted to me
from man after man all in a row.

I have savored.

Bound and gagged,
strapped and blind,
chains and feathery caresses,
silk ropes and perfect canning.
Ropes knotted in artistic precision
and I am left alone; waiting, wanting, and wet.

I have submitted.

These bonds of sexual release
are my private freedom.
These secret rendezvous’
allow me to maintain my armor;
this falsehood of life with
a man with no sensual imagination.

I have longed.

My thoughts are still my own but
if he only knew then
these trees we pass at such speeds
would be adorned with leaves, bark,
burning metal, and our bloody flesh.

He could never accept the true me.

Sheila Hall ©

This is an older poem that I am reposting here.


Change by Sheila Hall

•December 6, 2013 • 2 Comments

The Last Lion by Michael Parkes

I can change the way I cut my hair
I can change the way I dress,
I can wear makeup to cover up
or enhance my eyes so distressed.

I would quiet down my boisterous laugh
I would walk with a little less bounce,
I would talk less to the strangers in line
I would defer to you with my every ounce.

I would change it all, every bit that you loved,
If I thought it would change the fact
That by changing myself to make you happy
The less like me I would act.

Sheila Hall ©

Artwork by: Michael Parkes

Promise by Sheila Hall

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That Kiss by Sheila Hall

•November 29, 2013 • 2 Comments

That kiss

Fueled by inhibition
Spontaneous combustion; flames licking up the walls

That kiss

More necessary than air
More wanted than the next breath

That kiss

Instant passion, just add water
Torrential waves of heightened desire

That kiss

A goodbye that echoes throughout my body with
No regrets to mar the memory.

Sheila Hall ©

Libations by Sheila Hall

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The Dark Corner by Sheila Hall

•November 22, 2013 • 1 Comment

I was alone,
knowing no comfort
nor hope.
I could only travel,
mile after weary mile,
for there was no place that was my own.

In my ignorance,
I believed it to be freedom.
I walked a path of independence,
not seeing the chains of loneliness
dragged behind me.
Echoes of songs rang through the nights
did not move me,
or so I told myself.

My emptiness became clear
the night I met them.
Sleek, dark predators that hunted
under the full breast of Mother Moon.
The dance of grace,
the dance of death.
A feast shared by all.
I could not look away and they knew it.

They felt my pain and longing.
Took me in without a second thought.
Love and comfort.
Play and hunt.
Kisses and the warmth of
bodies surrounding your own.
Loyalty and protection for
one as unworthy as me.
A home, forevermore.

My Pack in the dark corner of life.

Sheila Hall ©


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