You find yourself walking in the woods.  It is daytime but the trees cast deep shadows.  The sounds are soft and consistent; a symphony of birds and insects.  The wind is light, cool and comforting. The swaying of the leaves and branches above you create a comforting blanket in Nature’s sweet embrace.  Even the crunching of gravel under your easy gait is harmonious within this moment of time and space.

Though your thoughts are serene and varied, your attention is drawn ahead of you.  There, just beyond the next collection of ferns and bushes, is a crossroad.  Each step draws you closer. Anxiety, its nervous tension, is waking up in the pit of your stomach; a leviathan moving its languid body, shifting in restlessness.

Why? What is it about this spot that worries you so?
The peace of the moment is lost in your fear of what lies ahead.

Welcome to my world.

Sheila Hall ©


~ by Desires in the Dark on August 22, 2013.

5 Responses to “Crossroads”

  1. Haunting piece, tis the prospect of change that can freeze our hearts. Seek hard enough you’ll find your guide

  2. Ouch!! I have an ache… And a body simultaneously covered in goosebumps. All I know, is I can’t go back. I’ve already been there… Love to you… *whispers* forward xx

  3. How lovely and enigmatic! Your description of the forest’s beauty and tranquility hides a dark undercurrent which is palpable and real. Beautiful writing!

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