In Charge by Sheila Hall

In Charge

Come over here.
Do you know why I have asked you to come?
I am tired of having to repeat myself to you.
I am tired of your act.
All this time, I have watched you whittle away your time with frivolities.
You walk about dressed like sin incarnate, but act like a lily white virgin when it comes time to deliver.  Your words are dirty while your hands remain clean.
I think your motivations are as tarnished as your halo, angel.
I think the thoughts that run through your pretty little mind are filled with the darkest of fantasies.  Those shadowed corners have been lost in the darkness long enough and I am done with allowing such behavior go unaccounted for.
You knew what I was, what I would do, if you pushed me too far.

Your days of roaming free and wild have come to an end.
We are officially done playing by your rules.

I am in charge now, baby, and you are going to love every minute of it.


~ by Desires in the Dark on May 26, 2013.

8 Responses to “In Charge by Sheila Hall”

  1. I would love to have the chance to tame her…..over my knee…..

    • I wonder how she would respond to such an offer. 😉
      Would a woman that teases as a method of baiting her hook take anyone she catches, or would she only accept the one she had in mind?

  2. Only one way to find out……but I can guarantee 100% satisfaction ….for both of us 😉

  3. […] In Charge by Sheila Hall. […]

  4. I loved this. So Hot. Dan, I don’t think she’d accept what she catches. She tosses them back for that prize catch.

  5. That is the best piece of prose I have read for a long, long time. Delicious. More please!

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